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Safety Protocol & Procedures

Prince George’s County officials have approved the re-opening of The Gardens Ice House Per Executive Order 15-2020.

These guidelines have been created using information from the CDC, USA Hockey and The Prince George’s County Board of Health. These guidelines will be updated as new information becomes available and the facility can safely operate in the changing environment. Please visit The Gardens Ice House for the current policies and any future updates.

Rink & Skater Regulations

  • If a skater feels any symptom of illness, the flu or has a fever they should not come to the facility
  • All skaters will be screened for temperature. If a skater shows a temperature over 100.4 degrees, participant will not be allowed to enter the facility
  • It’s required that all employees and customers maintain social distancing of greater than 6 feet, whenever possible, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Maryland Department of Health (MDH)
  • No locker rooms or spectator area will be open
  • Ice Breakers Café will be open for curbside delivery only
  • Water fountains will not be open; please bring water from home
  • No food can be brought into the facility
  • Public bathrooms will be open with limited facilities
  • Player benches, penalty box areas will not be accessible
  • No parent/guardian will be allowed in the building: ONLY players and coaches and rink staff
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be placed throughout the facility
  • There will be no lost and found. Articles left in the facility will be disposed
  • To the extent possible, individuals engaged in on ice activities shall wear a face covering, especially when social distancing is not feasible
  • If you or someone you live with feels sick, please stay home

Coaches Guidelines

  • All coaches will have their temperature taken. If a coach shows a temperature over 100.4 degrees, they will not be allowed to enter the facility
  • All coaches must always wear a face covering on and off the ice
  • Coaches will be responsible for maintaining social distancing of 6 feet when skaters are on the ice and leaving the ice. Coaches will use electric whistles
  • When on the ice, coaches must wear gloves, helmet (hockey), and face covering
  • Coaches must also sign a waiver

Session Day Procedures

Controlling the number of people in the building and on the ice surface and the movement of people within the facility is critical for compliance with Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery and CDC recommended guidelines. Markings and signage to guide employees and customers will be located at the facility. Social distancing must be maintained at all times. Session day procedures currently are as follows:

  • No parents or spectators allowed in the building
  • Skaters should arrive fully dressed (skates optional). Please purchase skate guards. No bags will be allowed in the rink.
  • Skaters can dress in the parking lot or be dropped off at the front doors to the facility. This will be the only entrance to the facility. This entrance will be clearly marked.
  • There will be no admittance from any other door to the facility
  • Doors will be opened 10 minutes prior to the start of your session. Do not loiter outside front doors.
  • Skaters should wait until rink staff opens the door, then proceed inside practicing social distancing as they head for the door and wait to be admitted. Marks will be placed on the sidewalk and inside the facility for skaters to line up and maintain proper distancing. While in line, skaters must remain fully dressed in all equipment and wearing a mask/gaiter. Every skater will be checked in as registered for the session and have their temperature taken via infrared thermometer measured on the forehead. Any skater with a temperature over 100.4 degrees, will not be allowed to remain in the facility.
  • If a skater is not on the pre-registered list for that session, they will be turned away. There will be no method to register and pay at the rink.
  • Parents should remain in the parking lot for 10 minutes after the scheduled start time of the session to make sure the skater is good to go
  • Parents need to be ready to pick up players promptly as they leave the facility.
  • When a skater’s session has ended, the coach will send one skater at a time to designated area to remove their skates or put on their skate guards (player must put on masks as they exit the ice. All other skaters on the ice will remain maintaining social distancing and in full gear until called by the on-ice coach to vacate the rink area.
  • Skater must immediately exit the building via the marked exit for each rink. Parents must pick up skaters immediately after their ice slot ends.
  • Skaters should not take off any equipment until they are well outside the facility door
  • Once outside, skaters should proceed immediately to their car to take off any equipment. No loitering will be permitted outside the facility door or in the parking lot.
  • No parent will be allowed to enter the facility to get their player. Parents should stay in their car near the designated exit for each rink.

On-Ice Protocol

  • On-ice capacity limits will be determined by Prince George’s County guidelines
  • No sharing water bottles
  • No chalkboard huddles
  • No games or scrimmages
  • No contact drills
  • On-Ice Sessions will operate in a no/low contact manner
  • Once on the ice, skaters cannot remove any equipment
  • Skaters should maintain social distancing. For hockey players an easy way to remember proper social distancing is to hold out your stick out and circle 360 degrees and not touch another player
  • Skaters remember:
  • No spitting
  • No handshakes
  • No high fives
  • No hugs
  • No horseplay or refusal to follow the rules
  • Skaters violating these rules will be removed from the facility


  • Registration for all on-ice sessions will be done online via the rink website or a third-party website
  • No registering or payment at rink

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • The facility will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines and CDC approved disinfecting products.
  • All high touch areas and bathrooms will be disinfected at least once every 2 hours
  • Adequate amounts of soap and hand sanitizer will be available for customers and employees
  • Bathrooms will be outfitted with automatic soap dispensers as well as hot and cold-water faucets
  • Employees will be instructed to stay home if not feeling well
  • All employees will wear proper PPE
  • Employees will receive COVID-awareness training to protect themselves and our customers
  • Temperature readings will be taken daily of all employees
  • Employees will regularly wash their hands or use the hand sanitizers